Denzel LLC - a daughter enterprise of MATRIZE Handels GmbH – German company, engaged in development, producing and supplying of tools for construction and repair. 

MATRIZE Handels GmbH established in 1995. Headquarter - in Hamburg, Germany.


  • 1995 - MATRIZE Handels GmbH . 2005-2010 - Entry into an international market. First sales office abroad (in Kazakhstan).
  • 2011 – Range of products exceeds 6 000 items (hand tools, power tools, fasteners, household products, etc.) 2012 – New full-service sales offices in Bulgaria and Brazil. Total staff number exceeds 4000 persons.
  • 2014 – Opening new industrial sites in Russia. 2016 – New contracts for chain retailing in Romania and Poland. 2017 – Full-service sales office in Belarus and Rumania.
  • 2018 – Investment in the business development for the North America, South America market and MENA countries.

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