Denzel LLC - a daughter enterprise of MATRIZE Handels GmbH – German company, engaged in development, producing and supplying of tools for construction and repair. 

MATRIZE Handels GmbH established in 1995. Headquarter - in Hamburg, Germany.


  • 1995 - MATRIZE Handels GmbH . 2005-2010 - Entry into an international market. First sales office abroad (in Kazakhstan).
  • 2011 – Range of products exceeds 6 000 items (hand tools, power tools, fasteners, household products, etc.) 2012 – New full-service sales offices in Bulgaria and Brazil. Total staff number exceeds 4000 persons.
  • 2014 – Opening new industrial sites in Russia. 2016 – New contracts for chain retailing in Romania and Poland. 2017 – Full-service sales office in Belarus and Rumania.
  • 2018 – Investment in the business development for the North America, South America market and MENA countries.

Our brands

DENZEL – brand of power and construction equipment. Since 2018, it has been imported to the US through the distributor company Denzel LLC. The office and warehouse are based in Los Angeles, California. In Europe and Russia the power equipment and the cutting tools are presented under this trade mark. In USA, have a plan to present an expanded assortment, which will include the best-sellers brands of the Matrize Handels portfolio.

GROSS (Guarantee of perfection) was created for the premium segment of the hand tool. Tools are produced at leading factories in Germany, Italy, Spain, Taiwan. GROSS brand specifies strict requirements to the materials and design, some mechanisms and design solutions are patented. Tools were widely distributed among professional electricians, installers, plumbers.

MATRIX - a trademark, from which the history of TOOLS WORLD began. They produce a wide range of hand tools: carpentry, metalwork, measuring, construction, finishing and cutting, accessories. It is widely known in the Russian market and in the countries of the Customs Union. In Europe, Latin America and other countries it is issued under MTX trademark without registration restrictions.

STELS - tools and accessories are for car owners and professional use in service stations. The brand has gained popularity due to sets of tools from chrome vanadium steel, which have a lifetime warranty. The products are manufactured in Taiwan. The product is on the market of Russia, Europe and Brazil.

The garden group is represented by the PALISAD trademark (Palisad Luxe, Palisad Camping) - goods for the care of the garden and vegetable garden of the middle price segment. It is delivered to the countries of the Customs Union, Europe, Latin America and other countries.

Niche brands Hand tools of OPP Sparta

Economy hand tools SIBERTECH

Household goods Elfe

Denzel LLC

In 2018, a group of companies entered into the US market. American sales company Denzel LLC is the official representative of the DENZEL brand in USA. Headquarters are in Los Angeles, California. At the moment, the first deliveries of Denzel hand tools are being prepared. Its range will include the most reliable and proven products in other markets. The CEO is Maxim Ananev. The company was established on 17/04/04. Group of companies infrastructure In May 2018 the group of companies is based in the following countries:

Ukraine – ООО «СВІТ ІНСТРУМЕНТУ УКРАЇНА» Belarus – ООО «Мир устройств»
Kazakhstan – ТОО «Мир Инструмента – Алматы»
Bulgaria – ООД «Светът на инструментите – България»
Brasil – Mundo das Ferramentas do Brasil LTDA.
USA – Denzel LLC

Each sales company has its own warehouse, which allows direct deliveries of goods to customers.

Beside cooperation with the world's largest factories, the holding closely cooperates with the Russian Stroymash plant, which since 1946 has been engaged in manufacture of construction and finishing machines. In 2012 the plant was modernized and launched the production of products from aluminum, plastic, PVC and also opened a knitting workshop.


  • The largest production partners of the group of companies 
  • NWS Germany Production, Steinbach-Hallenberg
  • Kapriol, Via Sant'Egidio
  • Izar, Parque Empresarial Boroa
  • Dreba, (город)
  • AllTrade, Taipei
  • Torin, Yushan
  • Stroymash, Russia
  • Scorpio, Taichung City

Shinhan Diamond, Incheon International partner retailers:

  • Leroy Merlin
  • Auchan
  • OBI
  • Castorama
  • Selgros
  • Praktiker
  • Baumax
  • Arabesque
  • Kaufland